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Antioch Review & Best New Poets // I’m Trying to Write a Poem About a Virgin & It’s Awful

Bennington Review // The Minotaur Invents the Circumstances of His Birth

Boston Review Poet's Sampler // 7 Poems 

The Collagist // Do You Speak Virgin?

FIELD // 2 Poems

Forklift, Ohio // 2 Poems

Horsethief // Purgatory Tastes like Eggs

Indiana Review // Ariadne Discusses Theseus in Relation to the Minotaur

Iowa Review // My Mother as the Voice of Kahlo

Kenyon Review  // Ariadne Plays the Physician

The Nation // Family Portrait with Enchiladas and a Movie

The New Yorker // Death Wish

Missouri Review // South Texas Persephone

New England Review // The Ariadne Year

The Rumpus // 3 Poems

Waxwing // 3 Poems


Tessex: Poetry-Meets-Photography Collection

The first collaborative publication of ITI Press, Tessex? was created by Earl Gravy (Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe), Bobby Schiedemann, Analicia Sotelo and Thomas Whittle, with contributions from the Best Friends Learning Gang and Jodie Herbage. Across a series of field trips, road trips and intercontinental correspondence, an imaginary nation was born. Texas and Essex are outrageous cultural territories that transgress physical borders. Tessex? is equal parts manifesto, fiction and travelogue, wrapped in a glossy tabloid package. 

Motion Poems

'My English Victorian Dating Troubles' as reimagined and interpreted by filmmaker Meayen Bassey.

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