Inaugural winner of the Jake Adam York Prize selected by Ross Gay




"Dazzling...[Sotelo] speaks to the heartache of crushes, relationships, and a longing for freedom from the expectations amplified by religion and culture." - NBC News


"[Sotelo's] work challenges the two-dimensional feminine stereotype by infusing her female voices, including Ariadne's, with intellect, wisdom, and complications." - PBS NEWSHOUR

"Sotelo explores the power of mythologizing personal history in her striking debut, winner of the inaugural Jake Adam York Prize...With humanity and rare honesty, Sotelo finds fresh ways to approach romance, family, and more." - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


"Virgin introduces readers to a young, Mexican-American feminist narrator who is sarcastic and unafraid, curious and self-discovering, and interested in everything from unrequited love and heartbreak to un-romanticized sex and the historically fraught terrain of virginity, and so much more. Sotelo dives headfirst into the complexities of the female experience and mind, and you’re going to love her for it." - BUSTLE

"Make 2018 the year you start reading more poetry, and perhaps start with VIRGIN, which gorgeously, sensuously explores the pleasures and problems of the feminine experience. Sotelo's language is as lush and hot as the inside of a woman's mouth; her words can feel like a fever, like your eyes will blister if you star too long at the page...And what a pleasure to be hurt this way, with these words." - NYLON


"A significant debut....Sotelo's poetry reveals the weight of desire, how our hearts drag our bodies....Imbued with Catholic cultural touches, Sotelo mines the Marian paradox with complexity, grace, and power." - THE MILLIONS

"Stunning...It is this reeling dance with her reader that allows Sotelo's collection to move between low and highbrow sbjects, to include poems about barbecues, Giorgio de Chirico, and Greek mythology and never lose speed. Without exception, Virgin is a must-read--and a delightfully gripping way to start poetry in 2018." - THE ARKANSAS INTERNATIONAL

"...what I love is how, by leaning into the many registers of heartbreak, Sotelo makes something incredibly beautiful. Something that, in its beauty, is a kind of salve." - ROSS GAY


Order now direct through Milkweed Editions. You can also find Virgin at your local independent bookstore, at Barnes & Noble, or on Amazon.


Winner of the Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship

selected by Rigoberto González

"The poems of Nonstop Godhead shape an expansive imaginative landscape that becomes fortified by Sotelo's use of myth, folklore, art, and personal history. Her speaker is that unforgettable young woman we have all been waiting for: she who dares to inhabit a story worthy of her brilliance and splendor." Rigoberto González

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